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What We Know About

Migration governance

Designing policies to ensure safe, orderly and regular migration.

Diaspora and development

Engaging diasporas to maximise the developmental impacts of migration.

Irregular and forced migration

Countering human trafficking, migrants smuggling, and irregular and forced migration. 

Migrant protection

Strengthening protection for migrants and diasporas in vulnerable situations. 

What We Do

Research: action-orientated research, including migration profiles, diaspora mappings and surveys, and trafficking in persons assessment.

Technical assistance & policy advisory: development or amendment of government policy, procedure, or strategy.

Capacity-building: provision of training on migration issues for governments, international organizations or NGOs; including curriculum development and design of trainer’s guides.

Project advisory & MEL: development of new projects, monitoring and evaluation, and development of end-of-program publications that tell the “impact story” and "lessons learnedof your work.

Speaking & moderating: keynote speeches or event/panel moderation.

Where We Do It


R. Fairbrother, IOM Washington DC

"I commissioned Homelands Advisory to develop a guide on ethical recruitment. He made the process very easy for us. He laid out a clear and structured methodology and work plan, then delivered an extremely well-written report. It was also a pleasure working with Loksan.

M. Kulenovic, GOPA

"I worked with Loksan/Homelands Advisory to design and execute several migration governance training workshops for the governments of Indonesia and Serbia. Loksan worked very effectively in a structured manner. He was also an excellent trainer and developed several interactive activities, thus contributing to the overall success of the training"

"We commissioned Homelands Advisory/Loksan to develop the report on the Global Diaspora Summit. We really appreciated Loksan's meticulousness and expertise, as well as the way he guided us through the collaboration in a structured manner, while also listening to our needs. I highly recommend working with Homelands Advisory/Loksan!" 

"I engaged Loksan/Homelands Advisory to conduct research into how the Ethiopian diaspora could be engaged in legal migration and skills development activities. He did an excellent job pushing the project forward, providing structure, and working collaboratively within a team to keep us all on track. His final delivery, analysis and writing were all excellent."

A. Bisong, ECDPM Maastricht

What Our Clients Think

L. Lara, IOM

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